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Thinking of Downsizing Your Commercial Office Space?

Are you thinking of downsizing your commercial office space?

This article will help you get more from less by maximising your smaller space and increasing workplace efficiency.

Thinking of Downsizing Your Commercial Office Space?

Check out our top downsizing tips below:

Are you reevaluating your need for a big office? Your office space requirements may be changing as Covid-19 continues to make a difference in the world of work. Perhaps you’re considering scaling back the size of your offices due to social distancing, and cost-cutting or you recognise that working from home is becoming an integral part of your workplace.

Avent Interiors can assist you by installing functional spaces that are every bit as effective as larger ones. Your plans to downsize shouldn’t adversely affect your business, here are some tips to help you get a space that works for you and your teams…

First Identify the Needs of Your Teams

First, it’s crucial to engage with your teams to see what they want from their work lives. Different roles require different working environments and different people have different preferences as to how they use the office, and how they may optomise their productivity.

You may find your business doesn’t need as much office space as in the past. Perhaps you could adopt a hybrid system that combines attendance at the office and remote work. If not all of your staff need to be in the office simultaneously you could consider hotdesking enabling you to scale back desk space requirements. This can help you reduce overheads and improve efficiency.

Agile methods are also being adopted by an increasing number of large companies in industries like finance and IT. The flexibility of working remotely or at home is potentially beneficial to employees and employers. Even so, you will still require a central location for meeting clients and suppliers, as well as collaborating with colleagues.

Top Commercial Office Space Downsizing Tips

After you identify the needs of your team the following tips can help you achieve your desired outcomes:

Customisable Office Partitions

Office partitions are a flexible and customisable office space solution. These lightweight panels are quick and easy to install and may be mixed and matched according to the layout of any office creating the private spaces you need. You can choose from a variety of finishes glass office partitions are an attractive option ideal if your office space will receive plenty of natural light. Venetian blinds may be added to change the privacy level of given areas as required.

For ultimate flexibility, demountable office partitions may be realigned to suit your future requirements as your office grows.

Smart Minimalist Furniture

Furniture takes up a lot of space so it’s essential that you only buy what you really need. Minimalist furniture will reduce clutter and make your space seem larger. If you’re considering hot desking you need fewer desks, but they should still be comfortable and consider ergonomics. Standing desks may even be appropriate, depending on the needs of an individual worker.

When all is said and done you wish to enthuse your staff and retain a positive work environment.

Avent can help you choose the correct desks and chairs to complete your new office refurbishment.

Intelligent Storage Solutions

When downsizing it’s easy to underestimate the amount of storage space that you require. A cluttered office is the last thing you need. Ideally, you can utilise hidden storage solutions like built in storage to keep your workspace looking neat and tidy. Besides installing hidden storage areas, you can use the more usual systems like under desk drawers to keep your new office clutter-free.

Bright Lighting Solutions

It is well known that natural light and lighter colours make a space appear larger and more welcoming. Keeping your smaller office bright and airy is a great idea to promote staff wellness and enthusiasm.

Open-plan offices allow you to set up your office space how you like without having to deal with walls or doors. ‌For some employees, an open plan work environment is a great option allowing for collaboration. If other employees need privacy remember how glass partitions with blinds can divide spaces while allowing privacy or more natural light as and when required.

In contrast to walls and ceilings, floors should be darker to make a room appear larger than it‌ ‌is.

Fluorescent tube lighting installed into a suspended ceiling can still be an option for your office, but to keep costs down you might also consider the LED option.

Find Out What Our Experts Can Help You Downsize Your Commercial Office Space

No office fit out or refurbishment project is too large or too small for our team. Moving into a new space can be challenging, but we can create an office layout that works for you. Our consultants can assess the needs of you and your team even if you’re unsure about what’s right for your business. And that’s not all we are used to working around our client’s schedule to minimize disruption.

If you need help fitting out a smaller space contact Avent today and discover how we can help you on 0117 9960 950.