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The Best Ways to Improve Office Well-Being

What are the best ways to improve your office well-being?

And why is it essential to consider well-being in your workplace? It is crucial for employee wellbeing and happiness at work that the overall design and aesthetic of the office are as good as possible.

Your employees’ morale is impacted more than you might think by the quality of the workplace and this can impact your bottom line. Post pandemic, it is crucial that workplaces take measures to protect their employees’ mental health.

The Best Ways to Improve Office Well-Being

Imagine your staff working in a noisy office all day, constantly staring at their computer screens, on poor seating, eating poor food, and becoming stressed out by their workload. How will you get good results from these employees? Do these employees feel valued and how do they feel about you and your business?

Now imagine an employee whose body and mind are in peak shape. They sit at an ergonomic workstation and can easily communicate with other members of staff as required. This individual is far more likely to work harder, be more efficient and stay with your company.

Create an Office That Works for Everyone

Offices have been designed ‌solely on cost and space for so long that employers have forgotten that different people work differently. For example; some people like your sales team thrive in an open plan workplace while others need privacy and quiet to concentrate and perform optimally.

The following tips will help you ‌create‌ an office that positively impacts your staff’s well-being:

Provide Light

It has been shown that employees who sit near windows experience less eyestrain and headaches. It has also been found that proximity to windows is associated with productivity. When a window is not an option, there are a few small changes you can consider:

  • Utilise light-reflecting interiors, like ceilings and floors
  • The use of glass partitions that allow natural light to enter
  • Move large, bulky objects that block sunlight
  • For focused tasks, combine ambient lighting with brighter lighting solutions

Provide Ergonomic Workstations

“Musculoskeletal disorders accounted for 28% of all work-related ill health cases”. According to the Work-related musculoskeletal disorders statistics in Great Britain, 2021 Ergonomic design can help prevent work-related musculoskeletal disorders from occurring. This is a relatively cheap issue to solve, read our “How to Set Up an Ergonomic Office” article for more information.

Allow Employees to Escape their Desks

Employees should be able to take breaks from their desks. Your staff must be able to escape their desks for a while in order to maintain high concentration levels throughout the day.

Many people thrive in an open office environment, but those who need to concentrate may find it stressful. If an employee needs quiet and wants to work privately, a separate space should be provided. Even‌ ‌those‌ ‌who‌ ‌enjoy‌ ‌an‌ ‌open‌ ‌office‌ ‌will‌ ‌need‌ ‌to‌ ‌step away from their desks for a while, even if it is only to adjust their gaze to prevent eye strain or briefly socialise with others.

Provide Hydration

It has been shown that being dehydrated by just 2% impairs performance. Keep water coolers or kitchens easily accessible to your employees and encourage them to regularly top up their drinks during breaks.

Encourage a Healthy Diet

Healthy diets can boost productivity, while unhealthy diets lower it. Providing access to a kitchen where staff may prepare or heat healthy meals is a great step forward. You could arrange a healthy meal delivery service if you don’t have space for a kitchen.

To Improve Your Office Well-Being, Choose Avent Interiors Ltd.

Investing in an office renovation is a meaningful way to show commitment to your employees and a powerful tool for attracting new ones. Remember employees who work for a company that cares are more likely to work harder. Get in touch with our experienced team at Avent Interiors to discuss the steps you can take to improve well-being in your workplace.

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