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Why Are Suspended Ceilings So Commonly Used?

Suspended ceilings are common in offices, commercial properties, schools, hospitals, hotels and restaurants. So why are they so used? Below, we outline why suspended ceilings are so popular…

Design options

Improved technology has provided a range of ceiling grid and tile finishes.

Suspended Ceilings Bristol

A suspended ceiling for an office fit-out in Bristol

Low cost

Install costs are low, with little to no maintenance required.

Time efficient install

Suspended ceilings are quick to install and cause minimal disruption.

Improved sound proofing

Using mineral fibre ceiling tiles and insulation, provides improved heat retention and acoustics.

Moisture resistant

Suspended Ceilings are resistant to mold, mildew and bacteria. Therefore, they are great for areas where humidity is present. E.g. bathrooms and kitchens.

Modular lighting

There are lots of light options available. The most popular at the moment are LED panels. These panels give a natural white light and help save energy.

Fire rating

Ceiling tiles are fire rated. Manufacturers typically provide at least 30 minutes’ fire rating and up to over an hour.

Energy efficiency

By providing increased insulation, your business will benefit form improved energy consumption.

Find out more about Suspended Ceilings.

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Suspended Ceilings
DATE POSTED: 7 June 2017