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Office Lighting Solutions for Employee Health and Productivity

What are the best office lighting solutions for employee health and productivity?

It’s obvious really; natural light should be a critical component of a productive office where possible. Natural light boosts employee attitudes, feelings, and productivity by preventing them from feeling trapped in offices.

Office Lighting Solutions for Employee Health and Productivity

Recent studies have reinforced this;

A 2018 study by Cornell University demonstrated that “…the optimal amount of daylight reduces eyestrain and headaches of office workers by 84 percent”

The Future Workplace Wellness Study declared that “…air, light and temperature have the biggest influence on employee health, productivity and engagement”

This Guardian article states that studies show “…poor air quality and lighting increase sick days and can affect sleep”

The first priority, therefore, is to maximise natural light. However, when there are no large windows, light bulbs or lamps that mimic natural lighting can be used.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Let natural light do the work for you. You could of course consider increasing the size or number of windows, but there are simpler ways to perhaps try first. For example, you could make your office open plan, positioning employees’ desks around the edges of the room.

Bear in mind the need to allow paths for natural light to pass through. You can use glazed partitions, for instance, possibly with blinds to allow privacy or light as desired.

LED a Healthy Artificial Lighting Source

You can build in other lighting solutions where natural light is difficult to come by. People are increasingly switching to LED (light emitting diode) in place of more conventional and less energy-efficient lighting. LEDs provide fantastic natural light and dramatically reduce electricity consumption.

LED Lights Come With the Following Benefits:

Other Lighting Options are Being Phased Out

Other less energy efficient lighting options like fluorescent lighting and halogen bulbs are being phased out.

Worried about your existing fluorescent lighting we always recommend Modular LED Lighting panels when it comes to suspended ceilings; they provide a fantastic natural white light, and flush finish, and can reduce your electricity usage by up to 70%.

LEDs Can Mimic Natural Light Changes

LED’s may be dimmed which mimics the natural light changes that humans prefer (lighter in the morning and dimmer in the evening).

LEDs Are Cheap and Efficient

It’s definitely cheaper to use LED lights, the bulbs use less energy and use the energy more efficiently.

LEDs Have a 50,000 Hour 10 Year Lifespan

Since LED bulbs typically last up to 50,000 hours, you won’t need to replace them for up to 10 years.

LEDs Mean Migraines Are Less Likely to Be Triggered

LEDs do not flicker and can be set to be dimmer than alternative options so are less likely to trigger migraines.

For Office Lighting Solutions That Can Boost Productivity and Well Being In Your Workplace

In addition to office fit outs and refurbishments, Avent can help you and your staff benefit from a light system that combines natural lighting with a more modern, cost-effective light source. To learn more about how lighting can boost productivity and wellbeing in your workplace, contact one of our advisors on 0117 9960 950.