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The Importance of Office Acoustics & 4 Key Ways to Help

The importance of office acoustics cannot be overstated. 

Any office worker who has ever tried to have a telephone conversation in a noisy environment can attest to the problem.  

Employees often complain about excessive noise levels in the workplace.  The many causes include conversations, coughing, sneezing, sniffling, phone calls, whistling, keyboard clicks, printers, and office equipment.  The predictable human reaction is to talk louder to overcome the background noise, leading to a frustrating, unpleasant work environment. 

The impact on employee job satisfaction and concentration cannot be overstated, this, in turn, impacts on productivity.  The more open the space, the worse it can get.  

Unfortunately, it’s common for businesses to look to aesthetics alone when designing their office.  Yet it’s possible to prevent higher noise levels in the office without sacrificing aesthetics.

The Importance of Office Acoustics & 4 Key Ways to Help

Here are the 4 key ways to improve your office acoustics:

1. Acoustic Office Partitions

Although not 100% soundproof, office partitions can minimise most noise and come in different styles. Meeting rooms and break out rooms may be created with glass and solid partitions which have a varying level of dB rating depending on specification.

2. Acoustically Friendly Office Furniture

The use of office & break out furniture can be a great way to break up the office and reduce sound travel. From low level soft seating to high-back 1-2-1 booths, furniture that utilises foam and fabric are great for noise reduction. You can also use Acoustic Ceiling Baffles and Wall Mounted Sound Absorbing Panels, which are great for aesthetics and sound reduction.

3. Acoustic Suspended Ceilings

Acoustic wall panels are perhaps well known and a common solution to acoustic problems. In many cases, suspended ceilings are overlooked, but their ability to reduce acoustics is significant. Specialised acoustic ceiling tiles are available dampening the sound in the room and acting as a barrier to the above space. Noise is effectively absorbed and installation is relatively cheap and simple.

4.  Acoustically Friendly Flooring

Specifying the correct floor coverings is an important aspect of minimising sound transmission. There are many good products on the market today for example carpet tiles are known to mitigate impact noise, so they are an ideal choice for high traffic areas including offices.

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An office with a good acoustic environment reduces distractions promotes clearer conversations, and improves privacy, allowing employees to complete their daily tasks comfortably and on time.

Avent can deliver, and install innovative acoustic solutions while striving to understand the needs of your office or workplace.  Get in touch with Avent on 0117 9960 950 and take charge of your office acoustics.