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How to Design Your Office Reception to Impress Clients & Staff

It’s not just about your staff, a client’s first impression of your office begins with the reception area.

According to common belief, visitors will form their opinions about your company within just a few seconds of arriving. It’s therefore essential that this space creates the right impression. Post Pandemic it’s even more important to create a safe and welcoming reception area for your staff and visitors.

A clean, tidy, and efficient foyer help staff feel uplifted and ensures prospective clients feel more confident in doing business with you.

How to Design Your Office Reception to Impress Clients & Staff

Here are some easy ways you can make the most out of your reception area:

Increase Your Space

More important since the Pandemic increasing available space prevents congestion and allows your staff and visitors to feel calmer. While you change the layout, consider introducing or improving your one-way traffic flow to minimise contact. Reorganising furniture, removing tables or obstacles, or switching out bulky furniture can also work well.

Convey Your Branding With Colour

Select the colour scheme of your reception area before making lighting and furniture decisions. White walls may seem easy, but they don’t convey anything about your brand or company. Your reception area should incorporate your core brand colours since this adds character while creating an atmosphere appropriate for your business.

Remember that; warm and cheerful colours are more welcoming. Neutral colours provide a calming effect. Whereas brightly coloured accents project an upbeat culture.

Stay true to your brand by adding complementary colours that create the right combination of value and saturation, perhaps in the form of furnishings and accessories.

Display Your Logo Proudly

Display your logo so your visitors can see who you are. A high-quality logo should be displayed in your reception area normally above the reception desk, to catch the eye of your visitors.

Safety Signage (Inside & Out)

Employees and customers are concerned about safety right now, so it’s a good idea to add signage to communicate with visitors before they enter.

Keep visitors informed about the number of people allowed in your reception at once, when they’re allowed inside, and where they’re allowed to stand. Signage should also remind them to sanitize their hands and social distance. Make sure the directions are clear so they don’t get confused and exposed.

Optimise Your Lighting

Lighting is an often overlooked, but vital part of reception design. For example, reflective lighting can make a small room appear larger, whereas accent lighting can draw attention to certain parts of a room.

Take advantage of any natural light if it streams into your waiting room! Consider removing or reducing the size of blinds or shades.

In a darker room choose lamps or wall fixtures that offer softer light. LED is generally considered more natural than fluorescent lighting.

Your reception should have plenty of light to be warm, clean, and inviting, as well as comfortable for your clients.

Improve Your Reception Desk

The central focus of your reception area should be your reception desk. Although you may want to reduce its size it still needs to work for your staff and visitors. Employees need enough space to efficiently complete tasks while keeping clutter out of sight.

These days your reception desks need screens to protect your staff and allow them to make calls. Additional screens or partitions may be needed if you have more than one member of staff in this area. Typically screens can all be installed quickly and with little interruption.

Update Your Storage

Think about what office equipment, supplies, or information your receptionist needs regularly. What storage solutions would accommodate these needs? You want to ensure that they will never be too far away from the reception area. The final result should be a reception area free of clutter. It’s a good idea to organise accessories and tuck away unsightly items using under-desk drawers, display cabinets, and coffee tables.

What We Can Do To Help You?

Avent Interiors offer a range of services including complete commercial or retail fit-outs, as well as the installation of suspended ceilings and partitions (solid or glazed) ideal for any reception area.

Please contact us on 0117 9960 950 and arrange a consultation with one of our experts to learn more about the reception design and social distancing solutions available to you.