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10 Benefits of a Suspended Ceiling

What are the benefits and advantages of a Suspended Ceiling?

A suspended ceiling provides a clean finish to a room’s interior ceiling while concealing unsightly components such as pipes, ducts and cables.  In addition to improving the interior appearance of a room, suspended ceilings offer other benefits. 

Listed below are the 10 practical and aesthetic advantages.

1. Low Cost, Low Impact Installation

It’s easy to install suspended ceilings in offices. Professional installers can quickly install a suspended ceiling in a business with minimal interruption to staff and visitors. Install costs are therefore relatively low, with little to no maintenance required.

10 Benefits of a Suspended Ceiling
A suspended ceiling for an office fit-out in Bristol

2. A Spectrum of Options to Choose From

Several styles and designs of suspended ceilings are available, allowing customers to choose the finish they want. There are a range of ceiling grid and tile options; with grid width and tile finish the main factors.

3. Hides Messy Ductwork, Pipes, and Wires

Any imperfections on the actual ceiling of the building can be covered by suspended ceilings. Rather than perform costly repairs or paint the ceiling, suspended ceilings can conceal visual imperfections by covering ductwork, pipes, and wires.

4. Easy to Detach for Repairs

If any components need to be replaced or repaired, suspended ceiling panels make it easier to access them. A panel or a tile can be lifted to one side to conduct repairs, and then lowered back in place afterward.

5. Add Soundproofing

With the use of sound-absorbing tiles, the ceiling can act as an effective sound barrier between floors, thereby improving the general acoustics of a room. In order to secure these acoustic benefits, a professional contractor should perform the installation.

6. Add Lighting

Offices with inadequate lighting can lead to eye strain, fatigue, and headaches, thus reducing productivity and comfort. Ceiling tiles come with a light reflectance rating and can reflect up to 90% of light back into a room, much greater than that of a standard ceiling. There are lots of light options available. The most popular at the moment are LED panels. These panels give a natural white light and help save energy.

7. Fire Rating

Most ceiling tiles are fire rated to some level. Manufacturers typically provide at least 30 minutes’ fire rating and up to over an hour, allowing for evacuation. The suspended ceiling can be protected further with additional fire barriers above it.

8. Add Insulation

An interior space with suspended ceilings has a lower ceiling height, resulting in less heat being required and reducing its loss through the ceiling. Insulation can be laid on top of the ceiling to improve this further. This results in reduced energy bills.

9. Resistant to Mould, Mildew and Bacteria

Certain specifications of Suspended Ceiling are resistant to mould, mildew and bacteria. Therefore, they are great for areas where humidity is present. e.g. bathrooms and kitchens. Hygienic ceiling tiles offer increased durability and bacteria resistance, as well as the ability to withstand washing and scrubbing.

10. Add Air Conditioning

The ceiling may be fitted with suspended air conditioning units to deliver fast and effective cooling. Ceiling mounted air conditioning units have swing louvres that effectively distribute cool air into the space.

For Advice on the Benefits of a Suspended Ceiling in Your Business

Avent Interiors has extensive experience in installing all types of ceiling tiles and can help business owners of any size understand how a new suspended ceiling can improve their space.